Pharmadiet Ircvet for Kidney Failure 60 Tabs

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Dietary supplement for dogs and cats that helps support kidney function in case of chronic renal failure.
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Dietary supplement for dogs and cats that helps support kidney function in case of chronic renal failure.Dietary supplement with composition based on valanocetone, trans-resveratrol, folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12, aluminum hydroxide and dry artichoke extract. Protects kidney cells, has anti-inflammatory action and binds intestinal phosphorus in cases of chronic renal failure in dogs and cats. Oxidative stress acts as a factor in causing renal failure, pathophysiology and exacerbation of chronic renal failure. Valanocetone, a flavonoid with strong antioxidant activity, reduces the inflammatory response and inhibits the apoptosis of mesangial cells, thus protecting the kidneys, which are the main components of the kidneys. Trans-resveratrol is a polyphenol that belongs to the class of stilbens and has multiple properties. It acts as a carrier to protect kidney cells, reducing nephrosclerosis, proteinuria and systolic pressure by increasing vasodilation due to nitric oxide. Folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12 are cofactors that help in cases of vitamin deficiency, anemia and hyperhomocysteinemia, which is a risk factor for cardiovascular mortality. Aluminum hydroxide acts as a carrier of intestinal phosphorus binding, limiting its uptake and, consequently, the Packaging: hyperphosphoraemia and secondary hyperparathyroidism. In addition, it improves renal function and prevents metallization, inflammation and renal fibrosis. Artichoke extract helps digestion and protects the liver. Enhances the feeling of appetite, has antiemetic, antispasmodic, choleretic and cholagogue action.Composition: Aluminum hydroxide, Polygonum cuspidatum extract (with resveratrol), hydrolyzed chicken protein, potato starch, corn starch, magnesium stearate, quercetin, crystallite.Additives (per tablet): Vitamins, Provitamins and chemically defined substances with similar action: 1.3 mg vitamin B6 / pyridoxine hydrochloride (3a831), 134 μg folic acid (3a316), 0.66 μg vitamin B12 / cyano.Ingredients: Protein 4.3%, Fat 2.2%, Crude fiber 40%, Crude ash 10%, Carbohydrates 37%.It is better to break it and mix it with the normal food of the animal while there should be access to water.For a maximum of 6 months for a start unless otherwise instructed by your veterinarian.Net weight: 52gr (60 tablets - 0.87 gr each).
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